Een trui voor kip Saar
When father joins the war efforts, he gives Karen a baby chicken as a gift. When de chicken is grown up, father is supposed to return from the war.  The baby chicken grows up to be chicken Saar, Karen’s best friend. However, father still hasn’t come back. The war continues and Karen and mother waste their days feeling hungry and cold. Then mother can’t stand the sight of the chicken anymore and jumps Saar. She’s plucking the chicken, when Karen appears looking for her best friend. All of sudden, mother realizes what she’s doing and hides the lifeless chicken in the cupboard. While in tears, she tries to tell Karen what she has done, when suddenly chicken Saar appears to still be alive. Mother decides to nit a sweater for the bald chicken, and then one day, father finally comes back from the war. 


Sept. 2007

"Een trui voor kip Saar" Regie: Diederik van Rooyen
Prod.: Floor Onrust/Sanne Faberge de Jonge/Family Affairs